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Marketplace Lend

Marketplace Lend

MarketPlace Lend@ING builds on a diverse team, making things work across Retail/WB silos and countries

The MarketPlace Lend@ING team is proud to present its updated idea. Our new extended team includes people from Spain, Germany, NL and Russia, with expertise from all different customer segments: Retail, SME, Large Corps and FIs. We have skills ranging from Sales over Customer Service and IT to Strategy, complemented with Financial Institutions and Regulations expertise. With such a diverse team, we are able to work out a very complex idea going across Retail and WB silos and various countries.

The large team also allows us to get a lot of work done:

  • Spanish colleagues working on the prototype,
  • Testing by our Dutch colleagues with investors and comparing it to the current Munt Hypotheken mortgage label;
  • German/Russian/Dutch colleagues working on the competitor analysis;
  • and the last sub-team working on the stakeholder/sponsor focus and business model.